Beaver Tale 3 now in post-production!

We shot on three separate days last week and Ruth “Ruty” Sorrell, my esteemed partner in Beaver Tale production, has now returned to Israel where editing on BT3 will commence. Meanwhile, our star – Pelt the Beaver – is recovering from the beating he took when a dog grabbed him in our park location and ran around for ten minutes trying to snap his neck. Pelt managed to finish the shoot, but he’s now receiving intensive physio and psychotherapy.

The good folks at Post City Sound – who are such fans of the gum-chewin’ beav that the first film is up at – have generously offered their services for the next film. So get ready to hear the beav in full movie theatre Dolby Surround Sound. Or at least with less crappy wind noise in the background.

The tentative title for the film is Beaver Tale: The Break-Up. Yes, a darker Beaver Tale. Just like the third Star Wars. Except without Natalie Portman. ‘Cause we turned down her offer to be in our movie. Why? Because she didn’t really offer. I made that up. But if anyone knows her email address, send her the link to the first two Beaver Tale movies. Because you never know! Except in this case, yah, you do know. But still, I like to dream.


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