I’m in the New York Times!

And surprisingly it’s not because I’ve been arrested for a spectacularly dramatic/disturbing crime. No, it’s just little ol’ me spreading the word about going green. Check out the article here. Thanks go out to the excellent author – Martha C. White – for writing an entertaining and informative on a very important subject: environmentally-friendly hotels. Let’s hope America pays attention!

Oh, and it’s not just America who will be told what’s what. This article is also running here in The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia and here in the International Herald Tribune and here in Spanish in some Sao Paulo newspaper. Thanks to that one, I’m going to have my business card title changed to “Josh Rachlis, redator de publicidade baseado em Toronto.”


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Josh Rachlis

Actor, comedian, radio host,cartoonist, singer/songwriter, cupcake judge. Follow http://facebook.com/JoshRachlis

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