A love song to fill the New Year with, um, love

One of my new year’s resolutions is to fill the entire world with love. My other resolution is to find someone to marry me. And since the first resolution will be much easier for me to achieve, I figure I’ll get right on it by posting a love song, thus putting the first drop of love into the empty vessel that is 2009. Click here to see/hear it. This song is a work in progress. Still tweaking the chords. And don’t have a name for it. But that’s a lesson for all of us in 2009 – things will never be perfect. So just do it. No, wait. That’s a Nike ad. Anyway, helping me out here is the stripy-socked Cheryl Beatty. Click here to buy her album and find out where you can can see her live. She’s a beautiful singer and a beautiful person. (Oh, and if you’re expecting this song to be funny, it’s not. Well, not intentionally, anyway.)


Published by

Josh Rachlis

Actor, comedian, radio host,cartoonist, singer/songwriter, cupcake judge. Follow http://facebook.com/JoshRachlis

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