Watch me MC a Jewish/Arab peace concert!

May 31st, 2009. I was the Jew co-hosting a Jewish/Arab peace concert in Montreal with Arab comedienne Eman. There was beautiful music, dance and poetry performed by Jews and Arabs. An audience of open-minded people of all races and religions. And how did I choose to use this valuable opportunity to promote world harmony? I chose to shamelessly hit on Eman the entire time we were on stage. Shockingly, I got nowhere with her. But, on the bright side, it seems my hosting didn’t quite cause Armageddon. Though, after the show a Palestinian psychologist asked me if I’d perform the same act at the opening of his new Jungian Psychology centre. So maybe I’ll have a second chance to ignite a world war.

Click here an article that ran before the show.
Click here for the Montreal Dialogue Group that put on the show:
And click here for Eman, the Arab comedienne and future ex-Mrs. Rachlis.

This video is the introduction to the show. Eman and I did little jokes in between the acts, too. I’ll post those if anyone wants to see them. Aw heck, who am I kidding? I’ll post them regardless.


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