My 2nd appearance on CBC Radio is telling a story about a fork!

In this episode of the CBC radio show GO! that I attended the live taping of, the host Brent Bambury was going through his shoeboxes of memorabilia and telling the “true” stories behind each item. To help him de-clutter, he asked some special guests (like Kids In The Hall’s Scott Thompson) to come up with their own theory of why Brent had that item, and if the audience liked the “made-up” story better Brent had to get rid of the item. I was pulled from the audience to be the first person to make up a story (subsequent story-tellers had written-up their stories beforehand). As you can tell from Brent’s reaction, the audience was supposed to like his story better and he was supposed to keep his fork. But he hadn’t counted on the hilariousness that is Josh Rachlis. As my Dad eloquently put it: “I’m so proud of you. You won a fixed contest.”


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Josh Rachlis

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