My MC’ing Night For Nature mentioned in Toronto Star

My MC’ing of the recent “Night For Nature” is mentioned in this eco-riffic article by Ellen Moorhouse from today’s Toronto Star about the green-tastic work being done by GreenPower, the environmental group at Michael Power/St. Joseph’s High School in Etobicoke. Full disclosure: I might be a bit biased about the GreenPower’s enviro-awesomeness, because I’m a big personal fan of the teacher who runs the group, Ms. Jennifer Gee. In fact, we’ve picked up litter together. For, as today’s article mentions, Jenn wrote to me last summer after reading the August article (–josh-rachlis-inconvenient-habit) that Ellen wrote about my eco pursuits. The subject line of Jenn’s email was “Fan mail?” But I choose to disregard the question mark, because I most certainly want fan mail. Especially from cute eco chicks. Anyway, where was I? Oh, right. Today’s article. Read it here:–trash-talk-anti-litter-brigade-s-fast-food-harvest.
P.S. Check out that pic. Is there anything hotter than a woman holding a discarded toilet seat? I think not. No, seriously!


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