I left a comment about the comments for a trailer

Thanks to the fast-paced world of the Internet, my writing is being done in shorter spurts and at unexpected moments. So until I sit down to write my Louis CK-style hour-long stand-up comedy special, I might as well share this kind of thing with you. Here’s my angry response to comments about the new World War Z movie trailer. You can see the trailer and read all the comments on the JoBlo.com site by clicking here. Here’s what I wrote:

This looks like a fun thrill ride. What’s wrong with you people?
1. Stop complaining when a movie isn’t exactly like the book. They are different media. They have to be structured differently. If you’ve ever written a script and a book, or you have SEEN a movie or READ a book, you’ll know that. Also, you’ve already read the book. If you want it exactly like the book, go read the book again.
2. Zombies don’t actually exist. So they can be fast or slow in a movie. Either is correct. If you want slow zombies, go back and watch a movie where you liked the slow zombies. Maybe one made back when they could ONLY make slow zombies because of movie technology. I, for one, like the idea of fast zombies, because they’re FAST. If you can just run (or walk swiftly) away from your enemy, that’s not very scary.
3. Why do you want to see the zombies in a trailer about a zombie movie? This is a TRAILER. A teaser to make you want more. So, if you want to see the zombies, the trailer has done its job. And also, it hasn’t spoiled the movie for you. I don’t want to see the zombies in the trailer. Pay your 15 bucks in the theatre and take your chances. If you need to know exactly what the zombies will look like, make your own zombie movie and watch that. Or write your own zombie book first, and then make your movie exactly like the book you just wrote.


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