A Jew wrote your IKEA Christmas flyer

Ok, I guess I should say “holiday” flyer. But, Hannukah just ended. And those aren’t Hannukah colours on the pretty table. So I’m gonna just go out on a limb and say it’s a Christmas flyer. And I think it’s pretty impressive for a Jew to have written your IKEA Christmas flyer. Talk about being talented as a writer! And it seems the masses agree, because my Facebook photo of me holding up the flyer (with the caption: “Pssst… Don’t tell anyone, but your IKEA Christmas flyer was written by a bald, neurotic Jew.”) has amassed more “Likes” than anything else I’ve ever posted. Save for maybe my Gramma’s eulogy. But I’m sure Gramma would be proud, regardless. She was Jewish too, after all.

IMG_9926 IMG_9931 IMG_9932 IMG_9933


Published by

Josh Rachlis

Actor, comedian, radio host,cartoonist, singer/songwriter, cupcake judge. Follow http://facebook.com/JoshRachlis

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