I doubled the Green vote in the riding

(NOTE: This is a post from June 18th that I originally posted at a new site that was being built for me. But that site doesn’t work, so I’m posting here just so the post still exists.)

cbc vote tally

I want to say thanks to everyone for your love and support during my run for MPP with the Green Party of Ontario. Thanks to that support and despite the minimal resources available to us, and with me running in this riding for the first time, we actually increased the St Paul’s riding’s Green vote percentage from 2.73% in 2011 to 5.08%, as you can see in this CBC tally. From 1,172 votes in the riding in 2011, to 2,556 this time. Not a bad job in a very affluent and highly-educated riding that this Toronto Star article about the riding’s vote says is the safest Liberal riding there is. I know that many of those 2,556 votes were from my Facebook friends and other friends, and I appreciate every single vote. But best of all, we got a Green message out there, and hopefully it will influence the people in power. And now that I’ve had a few days to rest the voice that I lost due to some virus on election night, literally minutes after my last campaign duty of meeting with the Grade 5 class… It’s time to stop being nostalgic and get back to work. So, if anyone still has any love and support left that they don’t know what to do with, I’m running for Mayor of Toronto now. Just sayin’. 😉

The Toronto Star sums up the vote in the St. Paul's riding. I like how my name at the end clicks to another article about me. I'm a recurring topic.
The Toronto Star sums up the vote in the St. Paul’s riding. I like how my name at the end clicks to another article about me. I’m a recurring topic.
















And for my Facebook thank you, listing some of my volunteers, click here.



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