Fri, Mar 3 in #Miami: My friend Ana lives in a condo her parents bought. It’s mostly seniors. So when I went down to the gym every early afternoon while Ana was still sleeping, it was me and the seniors. Which I loved. I was inspired to see them on the treadmills and lifting weights. I ran for an hour each day. A couple of glitches: One lady asked to turn down the TV, so I just shut off the Real Housewives of (Somewhere) that I had cranked up. And a man noticed some black stuff on the ground behind my treadmill. He thought it was rubber coming off the treadmill. I realized it was probably mud coming off my shoes from that hash run the night before. But before I could say anything, he had already gone to get a Spanish-speaking cleaner to come and sweep up the dirt. So I just stayed quiet. But in my silence, I overheard a lot of gossip about the condo boar elections. And I heard the broom-ordering man and his friend playing a game where broom man lists off actors from many years ago and the friend has to guess what show they were on. Good way to exercise the memory! 🏋 #gym #fitness #seniorliving #health #Florida #condo #travelblog #travelphotography 🏃🏼 I am a: #celebrityinterviewer #entertainmentreporter #radiohost #tvhost #comedian #actor #voiceactor #singersongwriter #cartoonist #screenwriter #filmcritic #travelblogger #lifestyleblogger #foodblogger #entertainmentblogger #fashionblogger #mommyblogger #YouTuber #podcaster #digitalnomad

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