#orthodontist #dentist #Toronto @foresthillortho May 12: Danielle explained the options for braces, should I choose to get them for cosmetic purposes. Then we wound up chatting in her office for maybe an hour, about how she just got braces (her son convinced her to finally do it, quoting back her own advice about being brave), and about her daughter the model and her son the actor. She finally had to get back to work, and I got a pic with her in the lobby. Then I spotted a frozen yogurt freezer and said I had to take a selfie with it. That’s when a voice from a waiting area chair said: “Josh?” Turns out it was my friend Meg, with whom I went on one date once, and I haven’t seen her for years. She wasn’t sure if she recognized me while I was standing there talking to Danielle for a couple of minutes, but then when I said I wanted to take a selfie with the frozen yogurt, it clicked in her head: “That must be Josh Rachlis.” Danielle thought it was so funny that I was recognized, and transfered me over to Meg, and I caught up with Meg for 20 minutes until it was her son’s turn to be seen by the orthodontist. I love that I can run into people anywhere. I should leave my condo more often. Also, this is further proof of how friendly Forest Hill Orthodontics is! 😁 #orthodontics #TMJ #teeth #dentalhygienist #dentalhygieneschool #dental 😬 I am a: #celebrityinterviewer #entertainmentreporter #radiohost #tvhost #comedian #actor #voiceactor #singersongwriter #cartoonist #screenwriter #filmcritic #travelblogger #lifestyleblogger #foodblogger #entertainmentblogger #fashionblogger #mommyblogger #YouTuber #podcaster #digitalnomad

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Josh Rachlis

Actor, comedian, radio host,cartoonist, singer/songwriter, cupcake judge. Follow http://facebook.com/JoshRachlis

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