I wrote the IKEA Summer Collection e-newsletter

I’ve been writing IKEA Canada​ e-newsletters for years, and always wondered how to get a copy of them. This month it occurred to me to simply subscribe to IKEA e-newsletters. I’m slow, but eventually I figure things out. This one, that came 3 days ago, is just a mini one. And I think the smaller headlines were from a previous writer’s work. But I just searched on my computer and see that I did write the main line: “Ooo la outdoor.” Finally, my Senior Kindergarten to Grade 6 French Immersion has come in handy!

IKEA Summer Collection 2015 e-newsletter
IKEA Summer Collection 2015 e-newsletter

Someone bizarrely animates my IKEA radio ad

While Googling myself, I came across this bizarre video:

It seems someone named SuperUmizoomiFan2013 on YouTube found an IKEA ad I wrote and put it to clips from an animated kids show. I have no idea what any of this means. Maybe you can explain it me? Here’s my original commercial:

And here’s how he (I assume it’s a guy) put it in the description:

Published on 14 Aug 2014

This is another commercial for Go, Diego, Go with Ikea’s 50% Off Summer Sale which talks about the beach, and ghosts, as found at https://soundcloud.com/joshrachlis/ik… – so I decided I should do a video like this! No copyright infringement intended! All credit goes to Josh Rachlis on Soundcloud, plus Viacom, Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon, iTunes + Bandicam!

I’m the 63rd best copywriter in Canada

Each year, Strategy Magazine publishes their Creative Report Card, where they rank the country’s advertising creatives based on the number of awards they’ve won that year. You can see the full list by clicking hereThis year, my name was in the credits on enough award-winning pieces to land me at #63 on the Copywriter list. Which is pretty good. But my mom says that on her list, I’m #1. Which is even better. (Ok, she didn’t say that. But I like to believe she’s thinking it.)

I wrote the IKEA Midnight Madness radio ad

For IKEA Midnight Madness, I wrote a script involving Jonas (the IKEA voice) being Auto-Tuned. Since I had to write so many scripts before getting one approved by the Group Creative Director and then by IKEA, I’m pretty tapped out of witty writing. So I’ll just paste in what the sound house director, Andrew Bradley, posted on his blog: “I had the opportunity to direct another IKEA radio spot recently. Josh Rachlis wrote a fun script involving Jonas (the IKEA voice) being Auto-Tuned. I think Jonas had a great time doing it and let’s be honest, the only time we’d want to hear him sing is if it was electronically assisted like this. Comedy he can do. Singing, not so much.”

TITLE: Auto-Tuned
AGENCY: Leo Burnett Toronto
COPYWRITER: Josh Rachlis
DIRECTOR: Andrew Bradley, RMW
ENGINEER: Kyle Gudmundson, RMW
Thanks to VoiceTrax West, L.A. for patching us in to Jonas.

On November 30th, 2012, we recorded at RMW Music. There’s me in the studio, with the producer drinking coffee, and the IKEA announcer woman in the booth. I can’t remember her name, but she’s got a nice voice.
Kevin Braithwaite played the DJ. While we recording, I half-jokingly and fully-racistly asked him: “You’re black. What’s some street hip hop language?” He was like, “I dunno, man. I like rock.” So basically, we’re both about the same level of blackness. Which, as you can tell from my attempt at an urban pose here, is not very black.

I sat on a panel about The Future of Advertising

On Oct. 17th, I sat on a panel at an Advertising Summit on “The Future of Advertising, PR and Corporate Communications” sponsored by HOMAD (Heads of Media and Design), with all the heads of Media and Design college programs in attendance at George Brown College. Panelists were to “address how changes in the industry are impacting their specific role/discipline and offer insight on how educators can prepare graduates for employment in the ever-changing advertising/communications world.” I mostly ranted about what pisses me off about the ad biz and threw out ideas for what I think young creative people should do in their job search. But afterward, the profs came up to me to thank me for my great thinking. One was telling me that he teaches kids drawing and that they think they have to draw like him. He liked my vision for teaching young people that there are lots of different ways to express yourself. Hopefully I’ll be sent the footage from the event so that I can post my ramblings. In the meantime, you can read about the event by visiting the report by Boost Agents here.