Boccato Gelato & Crepes

Ottawa – July 3, 2021: I ate here with my mom, sister, and my sister’s kids. After checking out my mom’s art in the Glebe pop-up art show at Lansdowne Park. There’s a good selection of food. I had a hotdog first, because I was hungry. And then I had a gelato. They’ve got smoothies. Pastries in the pastry case. Sandwiches. And their little patio is a great place to sit and watch people walking around.

Gelato on the Boccato patio

Elgin Street Diner

Ottawa, August 7, 2021: I walked over to meet a woman from the Facebook dating app. I live downtown and I said we could meet somewhere in Elgin Street and she wound up at Elgin Street Diner. She used to go there when she was young and it turns out Jody the waiter (and co-owner) used to serve her Christian youth group 30 years ago. So she was all nostalgic. This restaurant is the classic place to go to with friends or after a bar or any time. There is a variety of food so there’s something for everyone. My friend had poutine and then a mochaccino milkshake with a banana. I got the big breakfast. It was so filling.