Eco stand-up I wrote while delirious from a cold

Here’s an eco stand-up act I did at The Eco Laundry Room on Oct. 16, 2010. Watch below or click here: I’d had a cold all week, but I persevered, in order to help the environment. Unfortunately, this act might have wound up hurting the environment.

I recycle a school project into eco stand-up comedy

Here’s my eco stand-up comedy act from Sept. 17, 2010. Watch below or click here: Some background: Last summer, my friend Victoria was bored. So I got her interested in eco pursuits. Then I suggested she might enjoy taking a stand-up comedy class. Then I suggested she produce her own show so she could have a place to perform. She actually listened to me and started a comedy night The Eco Laundry Room. Though I’m the only one actually there who actually does eco-comedy. And this video may show you why. For my 1st appearance at this venue, I dug out and re-presented an old school project by young me (a.k.a. Little Josh). Wow, that’s professional. Also, you’ll note that the video is of low quality. What happened was, I saw that someone was filming it, so I didn’t set up my tripod and camcorder. But as a back-up, I had my friend film it with my digital camera. But the microphone area was in shadow. And it turns out the camcorder footage from that person was so grainy that you can’t even make out my face or my drawings. And my friend’s hand was not only moving around, but she decided to film vertically, to get my whole body in. But of course, you can’t just flip footage like you can a photo. So a friend who dabbles in editing helped me cobble together this video, so that you can at least get an idea of what was going on. Perhaps it will lead to my own eco-comedy show on Discovery Channel, so you’ll be able to see me in crisp, well-lit, properly-oriented HD. Unlikely, though.

Here’s the article!

Even though I vented to Mike for half an hour about wallets, I’ve only really got one sentence in the article. But I’m not bitter at all. Because what a sentence it is:

Josh Rachlis, 33, has tried going out with bills, a bank card and a credit card in an elastic band, but he’s still attached to his wallet. “You can’t make a purchase without an Air Miles card,” he says. “And there’s coupons. It’s all useful.”

But to hear women tell it, Rachlis’s instinct to dump the lump is bang on.

"Terry Cloth" to air worldwide on ManiaTV! (

Even a writer as gifted as myself could not improve upon the email I just received. So I’m just pasting it in:

Dear Josh,

I hope all is going well with you. I am happy to inform you that your film, “Terry Cloth” will air May 30th, June 8th, June 18th, June 23rd, July 3rd, July 8th and July 12th. Inform your friends, family, fans and viewers via newsletters and mass emails that your film will be broadcasted worldwide on

Loren Leon
Manager – ManiaTV! Original Productions
The ManiaTV! Networks

I’m going to be voice on "Time Warp Trio" – a kid’s cartoon on NBC!

I just found out I got a part as a Scottish guy on an episode of an upcoming kid’s show on NBC called “Time Warp Trio.” Show starts airing in July. How exciting is that? Yes, I’m huge with the 6-11 year old demographic.

For more info on this exciting and brilliantly-casted show, go here:

And hopefully one day soon my name will be up on this site with these esteemed tween actors: