I voiced this video for DHL

I did the voiceover for this video explaining how FC Bayern Munich‘s Flagship Store on Tmall Global delivers merchandise via DHL eCommerce. It all sounds pretty complicated to me. But if soccer fans are happy with DHL, I’m glad to be the voice that’s telling everyone about it.

The video was made by Salween Group, “a content marketing agency headquartered in Singapore”. Yes, thanks to modern technology, I can do a voice over from my apartment in Toronto, for an animator in South East Asia, who is making a video about Chinese fans buying a German soccer team’s merchandise.


I voiced this video about Startup Village

I was checking out the YouTube page for WowMakers in India, because I just finished voicing a video for them, and I discovered the above video about Startup Village that I voiced for them back in November 2014. So I thought I’d post here, to keep you updated on all my Indian whiteboard animation explainer video narration work. It’s exciting to see all the growth that’s happening in India, both in the field of explainer videos, and also in the fields that the videos are about, like startups. I remember when I went to Japan 10 years ago for an advertising project, my Creative Director was telling me I should stay in Japan and become a big voiceover guy, doing all their English voiceovers for the transit system and such. It was sort of a joke. I think. But now I’m wondering if I should be packing up and moving to India! Of course, I could just continue doing the voiceovers from my condo in Toronto. But maybe it would be more fun to actually be there in India with the companies I’m working for? In the meantime, I’ll keep going to the Indian restaurant across the street from me, to practice eating delicious Indian food. (Last time I was at that restaurant, I also asked the waiter for tips on some pronunciations for one of these videos. So, ok, maybe I don’t have to move to India. But I should still visit.)

I voiced this Startup Studio video for India

I’m becoming a hot property in India! Cocaolabs is the second Indian animation company that’s used me for a voiceover. They found me on YouTube. So this has taught me two things: It’s smart to post your voice acting work on YouTube. And I should move to India and become a Bollywood star. I’m not sure how I came up with the second conclusion. But it sounds good. On the treadmill yesterday I was watching a show called Bollywood Boulevard and it made me realize we don’t have enough dance scenes in Hollywood movies. And if you’ve seen this 2007 video of me dancing, you’ll know I’m destined for Bollywood fame. Anyway, here’s the video I voiced for the Startup Studio initiative by MobME Wireless:

I did the voiceover for this Ink To The People video

Want to design a T-shirt? Feel like saving the world? I’m about to doubly make your day. Check out the video I voiced for Ink to the People, where you can get your shirts made and support charities.

The audition specs called for a voice like Alec Baldwin narrating The Royal Tenenbaums. I’m not sure how close I got to that, but they chose me and wanted my final read to be exactly like my audition. So, I guess I got close enough!

Now, I need to come up with a T-shirt design about saving the environment. Hmmm… Perhaps my Enviroman persona needs to be on a shirt. He’s a darn good-looking superhero, after all.

I took a cartoon voice workshop

On March 2 and 3, 2014, I took a workshop with Susan Hart, big-time voice director and voice casting director. For two whole days, she taught us tips and helped us practice on scripts. And at the end of the second day, we recorded a little demo of some scripts we picked out. In her assessment email to me afterward, she mentioned: “Your comedic timing was fun and can be used for both subtle and big characters.” So I’m excited about my new knowledge and for the new tools I have to bring to the world of voices for animation. Plus, the people in my class we really nice and funny. So I wanted to remember the weekend with a photo of all of us. They were kind enough to oblige. That’s us making the sign for VO (voice over), just in case it’s not clear. When I was walking out of the class at the end of the weekend, I was feeling a bit insecure, because there were some real pros in there. But one girl, who is amazing and actually has a gig as a regular voice on a kid’s TV show, said to me: “You’re so funny! You should do stand-up!” Which gave me a skip in my step the whole way home. Maybe I’ll turn that feeling into a new voice character, named Skippy. 🙂


I’m a voice actor in CBC’s The Best Laid Plans!

Click here to hear me voice acting as the older brother of “Pete 1” on the phone in this week’s webisode that provides bonus content for the CBC TV show The Best Laid Plans. I had a lot of fun playing a jerky older brother, even though I had to act really hard, because in real life I’m the nicest older brother ever. (Right, sisters of mine? Right?) And I even improvised some of my lines. The show’s cast is a Who’s Who of the top actors in Canada, so it’s an honour to be a part of it. Let’s hope that the show’s fans enjoy my character so much that they demand that “Pete 1” keep calling him for advice. Or maybe Pete’s brother could have have his own spin-off show? “The Best Laid Plans: Pete 1’s Brother.” Anyway, if any CBC producers are reading this, I’m available to meet for coffee. Or to talk over speakerphone. (Ha! See what I did there?)