I’m acting in the Tim Hortons latte radio ad!

Wondering why you know that Tim Hortons lattes are just a dollar? Maybe it’s because of my great acting in the radio ad that’s currently getting lots of air play. Or maybe it’s because a dollar is a great price for a latte. But I’m going to pretend it’s the former. Because to my self-esteem, that’s worth a… Well, you know. To hear the ad, click here.

I made one of the Top political YouTube videos of 2011!

This week I was thinking back on 2011 and wondered if my Love Song for Elizabeth May really just happened this year. Seems so long ago. But then tonight, on the last night of the year, I got a nice reminder that, yep, it happened in 2011: According to Yahoo! News, it was one of the Top political YouTube videos of 2011. Check out the article by clicking here. Glad I could be a part of a big Green step forward for Canada. Here’s to more steps in 2012!

I’m on the Green Party of Ontario’s Shadow Cabinet!

When Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner called me personally to ask if I would join his Shadow Cabinet, I turned Green with pride. The Shadow Cabinet will be staying on top of the Liberal government to advise them on how to make Ontario as healthy and sustainable as possible. And my folio is Consumer Services. Who better to keep tabs on that than an Advertising Copywriter, right? You can see the press release by clicking here or reading below:

Ontario Green Party’s New Shadow Cabinet will hold the old Parties at Queen’s Park Accountable

Toronto – “Why is a gas plant being built in Mississauga after the McGuinty Liberals promised to halt it during the election campaign?” asks Mike Schreiner, Leader of the Green Party of Ontario.  “Does the same fate await promises on the Melancthon mega quarry?”
“It took less than two months for election promises to be put on the back-burner and for a return to business-as-usual at Queen’s Park” says Schreiner.  “No wonder less than 50% of Ontarians voted in the provincial election.”
The Green Party today announced an expanded Shadow Cabinet of passionate and dedicated citizens committed to long term solutions that put Ontario communities first. 
“Our team is committed to working with people of all political backgrounds on long term solutions to tackle the big challenges of our time.  We are not afraid of straight talk to address tough issues like rising energy prices,” says Schreiner.  “We can’t continue to subsidize energy prices and punt this challenge down the road to our kids and future generations.”
The Green Party’s Shadow Cabinet will focus on offering alternate policies to the status quo at Queen’s Park, with the goal of building a financially, socially and environmentally sustainable Ontario.
The Green Party’s Shadow Cabinet:
Aboriginal Affairs  – Jo Jo Holiday  (Kenora–Rainy River)
Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs  – Meade Helman  (York–Simcoe)
Attorney General  – Bassam Lazar  (London–Fanshawe)
Children and Youth Services  – Jennifer Mooradian  (St. Catharines)
Citizenship and Immigration  – Pauline Thornham  (Bramalea–Gore–Malton)
Community and Social Services  – Mark Daye  (Toronto Centre)
Community Safety and Correctional Services  – Jason Matyi  (Essex)
Consumer Services  – Josh Rachlis  (Eglinton–Lawrence)
Economic Development and Innovation – Dave Bagler  (Ottawa–Vanier)
Education  – Matt Richter  (Parry Sound –Muskoka)
Energy  – Steve Dyck  (Guelph)
Environment  – Stephanie-Lynn Russell  (Nickel Belt)
Finance  – Kevin O’Donnell  (Ottawa Centre)
Government Services  – Pauline Thompson  (Scarborough–Agincourt)
Health and Long-Term Care  – Judy Smith-Torrie  (Northumberland–Quinte West)
Infrastructure and Women’s Directorate – Judith Van Veldhuysen  (St. Paul’s)
Intergovernmental Affairs  – Angela Salewsky  (Etobicoke–Lakeshore)
Labour  – Kevin Labonte  (London North Centre)
Municipal Affairs and Housing  –  Stacey Leadbetter (Whitby-Oshawa)
Natural Resources  – Rob Strang  (Dufferin–Caledon)
Northern Development and Mines  – Pat Rogerson  (Sudbury)
Francophone Affairs – Nancy Matte  (Lanark–Frontenac–Lennox and Addington)
Seniors Secretariat – Gurleen Gill  (Etobicoke North)
Tourism and Culture  – Meredith Cross  (Niagara West–Glanbrook)
Training, Colleges and Universities  – Alex Hill  (Ottawa West–Nepean)
Transportation   – Tim Grant  (Trinity–Spadina) 
For more information on the Green Party of Ontario’s Shadow Cabinet please visit:
Becky Smit

I turn down a bath with a swimsuit model to save water

A test pilot for the series My Life Is Garbage (formerly called Ecosexual) that educates about eco issues by harnessing the clean, green power of my pathetic life. Thanks to actresses Camila Mendes and Katie Uhlmann for offsetting my unattractiveness.

SYNOPSIS: Josh’s passion for the environment can get him into hot water. Or not, as we see in this episode, where his sexy, Brazilian swimsuit model date takes him home and wants to have a bath with him.

I’m a Green Hero!

My mother always said I was “unique,” and now I have proof. On April 22, 2011 at Toronto’s Green Living Show, I was awarded the Unique Hero award by the Green Heroes TV show for how I help the environment with my green actions and my eco-comedy. And this was slightly BEFORE I released my Love Song For Elizabeth May that went viral and helped elect Canada’s first Green MP. So imagine how unique of a Green Hero I must be now! Right, mom? (Yes, I’m posting about this award 4 months late. But hey, I’ve been busy saving the world. Uniquely.) Check out the award presentation by clicking here or viewing below.

I explain to the National Post what greens care about

In response to a National Post column claiming that environmentalism is about trying to control people’s lives, I wrote a letter to the editor explaining that I care about the environment for quite different reasons. They were kind enough to print it as one of the few letters that day. Perhaps that means they’d like to take me on as their environmental columnist? (Hint hint)

Elizabeth May loves me back!

When I posted my Love Song For Elizabeth May on Monday night, I dreamed of her adding me to Facebook. Tuesday afternoon, my dream came true. But never did I dare to dream that she would love me back. And if that can happen, anything is possible. Like her winning a seat in Parliament! Looks like I’m going to be the First Lady of Canada, just like Michelle Obama! Or something like that. In any case, I better go pick out my organic hemp inauguration dress!