Josh has joined the Green Party. You should too!

It’s so easy! Just go to and click on “Join.” Then, for a minimum tax-deductible donation of ten measly bucks, you can support the only party that is fighting to reduce the economic, environmental and social waste that is literally killing us. Check out some of their views on the site… It all makes so much sense, it’s scary. Oh, and of course, make sure to get out there and vote Green. Your vote really does count, and they even get a bit of government funding for each vote they get too.

Sorry that there was nothing funny about this post. But there’s nothing funny about being killed by toxic air either. Nor is it hilarious that it’s 9 degrees celcius in Toronto in January. Unless you’re a cockroach who’s just waiting for the human race to die so you can finally take over the world. Then this post is a total knee-slapper. If cockroaches had knees.

Here’s the article!

Even though I vented to Mike for half an hour about wallets, I’ve only really got one sentence in the article. But I’m not bitter at all. Because what a sentence it is:

Josh Rachlis, 33, has tried going out with bills, a bank card and a credit card in an elastic band, but he’s still attached to his wallet. “You can’t make a purchase without an Air Miles card,” he says. “And there’s coupons. It’s all useful.”

But to hear women tell it, Rachlis’s instinct to dump the lump is bang on.

I’m gonna be the voice in a Rogers radio spot!

The ad is just me and some rockin’ background music. Which means that all the weight of the Rogers empire will be resting entirely on my broad, muscular shoulders. This is a Boxing Week Sale spot. So you won’t hear it until after Christmas. Which means that I have inside information about some fantastic deals soon to come from Rogers. Which I can’t tell you about now, obviously. But trust me, they’re going to be great deals. And I want you to take full advantage of them so Rogers will think the ad worked really well and they’ll make me the new official voice for Rogers. And when that happens, I promise to use my power for good. And for picking up chicks. But mostly for good.

I’m in England!

Which isn’t of the high calibre of news you’re used to seeing in this blog, but I thought I’d share it anyway. In case you were looking for me. Or you knew someone who lives in Bristol or London who could show me where the fun places to go are. Not that anywhere I go isn’t fun. I’m a party of one.
I just thank god that I payed attention in English class, because that’s what everyone speaks here. It’s crazy.
Oh, and people don’t idle as much here. It’s sweet. Our cabbie even turned off his engine when he got out to help us with our bags. Maybe it’s the fact that gas costs twice as much. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for higher gas prices in Canada. And don’t complain. Get a Toyota Prius and you won’t care.

Josh Rachlis is in Marketing Magazine!

And I sound like a workaholic. Which I guess I am. But it’s all for the good for my clients. Gotta sell that Gain Detergent. Until I’m elected to Parliament that is. So that I can make some real, positive changes in this country. Like make a law that forces people to buy Gain Detergent.

Terry Cloth screening on Friday, Oct. 28th!

Come see your favourite towel fall in love on the BIG SCREEN!

Tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 28) at 8pm
Centre for the Arts
263 Adelaide Street West
Suite 513

Here are the details of the event, copied straight from

Independent Film Screening
Last Friday of the month
October 28, 8pm
$5 donation

This is an opportunity to have your work screened, see the work of others and meet people with common concerns and aspirations. There is a Q & A after the screenings with directors, cast and crew.
Film submissions always welcome!

Films to be screened this month are:

“Waiting” – directed by Jamie M. Dagg
“Sombre Zombie” – directed by Adam MacDonald
“Sexy Days Deadly Nights” – directed by Chris Roberts
“Terry Cloth” – directed by Josh Rachlis
“The Little Johnny Yankee National Security Playset” – directed by Stevie Baker