Enviroman shows off his eco powers in Live Green Toronto Awards entry video

For the 2nd year in a row, Enviroman has made a video to promote the Live Green Toronto Awards. This time, it’s his own personal entry video. He’s pretty sure it’ll win him first prize. But it’s over the 90-second limit, thus disqualifying him. Let’s let him have his dream though. And you can go make your own video about how you’re greening Toronto. Deadline has been extended to May 5th!



Good Report TV: Toothpaste Toxic Tips

Should you avoid fluoride in toothpaste, or do the benefits outweigh the risks? And what chemicals should you keep out of your mouth? Vanessa and I run down the top toxics to avoid in toothpaste. I should mention that I’ve never had a cavity. So, like, I’m an authority on dental health. I should also mention that I really wish there wasn’t fluoride in drinking water. Because I don’t want toxins in my water. So, well, I’m not sure what all that leads to. But I know that when I asked a question about fluoride in drinking water and toothpaste to a bunch of dentists at a live CBC broadcast of the show “GO!”, the dentists got really mad at me for questioning it. So, well, I hope I don’t get beat up by dentists for this video. Except if it’s my dentist, ’cause she’s really cute. And so is my hygienist. But that’s not why I go to the dentist every 3 months. I go because I like to take care of my teeth. Honestly.

Anyway, for more reviews, go to Good Report TV, and to buy the mentioned products, go to Good Roots.

Good Report TV: Mascara Product Review

Vanessa and I check out four mascaras with botanical-based formulas, made from either natural sugar-based biopolymers or beeswax, carnauba wax or rice bran wax. There are non-irritating products for hypoallergenic skin, sensitive eyes and gluten-free options. All good. But how did they look on my naturally long and luscious eyelashes? Did they help me seduce the ladies with my cute blinking? And most importantly, was Vanessa was able to help me get the stuff on my eye lashes before I poked my eyes out? Watch below and find out. And as always, see our other videos at Good Report TV and buy all the mentioned products at Good Roots.

Good Report TV: Mascara Toxic Tips

I’m lucky to be blessed with long lashes. Seriously, when I get make-up done for TV shows, the make-up girls always compliment my lashes. But they still won’t date me. Go figure. Anyway, if your lashes aren’t as well-endowed, you might want some help from mascara. But not so fast. The skin around your eyes is 10x thinner than the rest of your face. So make sure to watch Vanessa and I run down the key toxic ingredients like preservatives, synthesized petrochemicals and emulsifying agents you don’t want near your eyes. Then feel comfortable as you try to achieve eye lashes like mine. And let me know if you figure out how to get make-up girls to date you.

For more green beauty information, visit http://www.goodreport.tv, and you can buy all the mentioned products at http://www.goodroots.com

I tell Humble & Fred Radio about the date they sent me on and they tell me I need a therapist

On Valentine’s Day, Humble & Fred Radio held a Win A Date With Josh Rachlis contest. A week later, I took Nidhi, the winner, to Tappo Wine Bar & Restaurant. We were taken there and back by A Celebrity Limousine Service. And it was all paid for by ITEX, a small business and community barter network that lets you pay with your goods and services. ITEX sponsors the show, so this whole date was free for me. All I had to do was be my charming self. But, as you can hear in my report on the radio, the story begins with me saying how nice the date was, and the story ends with the radio hosts deciding that I need a therapist. Listen to my story about 40 into the file here. And here’s the video preview:

Humble & Fred Radio’s Facebook page promotes my date the night it happened. (Image 1 of 2)
Humble & Fred Radio’s Facebook page promotes my date the night it happened. (Image 2  of 2)
Humble & Fred Radio’s Facebook page promotes my date story the day of the date.



Good Report TV: Bath Salts Product Review

My co-host Andrea Victory-Lacasse (owner of the Shop Pretty blog) and I tried out eco-friendly bath salts so you’ll know which ones are best. We sat there with our feet soaking in warm, bath salt filled water. A tough job, but someone has to do it. And it was kind of like if Andrea and I were at a resort, with our feet in a pool. Except she’s married. And she probably wouldn’t go to a resort with me even if she were single. But, you know what? It’s more like we were having a bath together. Which I guess she wouldn’t do either. But this is close enough. So, yah, I’ve basically had a bath with Andrea. But anyway, what was I talking about? Oh, right. Bath salts. Yah, they smell great and feel great and you should watch our review. And now, excuse me while I go soak my feet alone. So very alone.

Humble & Fred Radio: My trip to NYC with a girl I’d never met

As my Facebook friends/followers know, on Saturday, Feb 15, I decided at the last minute to go to the airport and head to NYC with a girl I’d never met. The photo I posted from the airport got many Likes and comments. One of the comments being from Humble Howard saying I better come on the show afterward to report on the adventure. So here’s the story I told on Humble & Fred Radio on Wednesday morning. Like I said on Facebook, it’s neat that what begins as a story about me having chili-induced stomach problems on the way to the hotel ends with a touching discussion about how searching for the “perfect” partner can keep you from finding someone great. You can hear the story at an hour and 40 minutes into the link here. And here’s the video preview they made for the day’s show: