I voiced this video about Startup Village

I was checking out the YouTube page for WowMakers in India, because I just finished voicing a video for them, and I discovered the above video about Startup Village that I voiced for them back in November 2014. So I thought I’d post here, to keep you updated on all my Indian whiteboard animation explainer video narration work. It’s exciting to see all the growth that’s happening in India, both in the field of explainer videos, and also in the fields that the videos are about, like startups. I remember when I went to Japan 10 years ago for an advertising project, my Creative Director was telling me I should stay in Japan and become a big voiceover guy, doing all their English voiceovers for the transit system and such. It was sort of a joke. I think. But now I’m wondering if I should be packing up and moving to India! Of course, I could just continue doing the voiceovers from my condo in Toronto. But maybe it would be more fun to actually be there in India with the companies I’m working for? In the meantime, I’ll keep going to the Indian restaurant across the street from me, to practice eating delicious Indian food. (Last time I was at that restaurant, I also asked the waiter for tips on some pronunciations for one of these videos. So, ok, maybe I don’t have to move to India. But I should still visit.)