My Enviroman video is featured in Live Green Toronto’s newsletter

Gmail - Fwd_ Last call to enter the Live Green Toronto Awards!

I guess this one isn’t a huge surprise, since Live Green Toronto asked me to make a promo video in the first place, just like they did last year. But still, it’s nice that they like it so much they’re even featuring it in their email. (Which I only know about because my Good Report TV producer Marsha forwarded it to me. I subsequently subscribed.) I especially like the little dig about the fact that I got it to them so late (“Enviroman enters… finally!”). Next year I’ll have to come up with an idea sooner… Get off my butt to film it sooner… Find an editor sooner… Finalize the edit sooner… Sigh. It’s not easy being Enviroman. At least Batman was rich and could spend all his time fighting crime. I need a wealthy environmentalist philanthropist to sponsor me so I can be Enviroman full-time. Hello? Bill Gates? Laurie David? Bono? Someone?

A Humble & Fred Radio fan’s advice for my love life

A Humble & Fred Radio fan's advice for my love life

A thoughtful fan of my stories on Humble & Fred Radio emailed the show’s host Humble Howard with his suggestion that I visit It promises to give me “masculine confidence and charisma”. But if it turned me into a masculine, confident guy, then what would I talk about in my comedy? I have to give serious thought to whether I really want to become a James Bond stud or stick with my Woody Allen awkwardness. But, as I’m typing this, I realize that I’ll bet it would be good radio show content if I did take the course. So I just went over to Facebook and put the word out on Facebook to Eileen, the producer on the show. Stay tuned!