Introducing Celebrity Josh Accounting – I’m branding my accountant Elliot (EM Silverstone) to bring his brilliance to the masses. We specialize in taxes for self-employed people, creative types, entrepreneurs, and can also help employed people. Message me to get your taxes done for the best price and with the most friendly personal service!

The story: On Nov. 8, 2018, I met with Elliot to finish my 2017 taxes (I procrastinate). But he felt like going for some food. I brought my neighbour Kathleen Larsen along. And I was coming up with business ideas for us all. I said Elliot should be doing taxes for more people. I’m an advertising copywriter and actor and Elliot’s been helping me get the biggest tax refund from my complicated life. I told Elliot he could be charging tons of money, but he just wants to help people who don’t have a lot of money and he doesn’t want to charge much. So you should take advantage of his service before I convince him to charge a lot more. Any accounting firm will charge way over $1000 plus they’ll bill you every time you email them with a question. Elliot will answer any questions all year for no extra charge.

Other services we offer:
-We’ll set you up with a site that automatically imports your expenses and bills, so you can easily keep track of your finances.
-We’ll come up with a personalized budget for you based on your expenses
-We’ll conduct an annual review of your spending vs the budget, to see how you’re doing and improve things for the future.

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